Aims and Scope

The "Pravo - teorija i praksa" journal is an official journal of the Faculty of Law for Commerce and Judiciary in Novi Sad. In the journal, there are published only original papers which have neither been published nor will be published at some other places.
In the "Pravo - teorija i praksa" journal there are published original scientific papers, review papers, scientific critiques, professional pieces of work and reviews in the field of law. The papers in the journal are published in English and they are submitted to a review according to the editorial policy of the journal.

Topics are accepted from the following areas of law:
- Criminal law
- Civil law
- Human rights protection
- Insurance law
- International law
- Commercial law
- Financial law
- Labor law
- Environmental law and environment protection
- Intellectual property law
- Constitutional law
- Family and inheritance law
- Administrative law
- Theoretical issues