• Jelena Matijašević Assistant on the Law Faculty, Buseness Academy, Novi Sad
  • Zoran Pavlović Assistant Professor on the Law Faculty, Buseness Academy, Novi Sad


criminality, the organized crime, transnational organized crime, criminal organizations


Criminality is a phenomenon being present in all stages of the development of civilization. With the help of its numerous forms, it is skillfully infiltrated and well-adjusted to any social system. Although there are different attitudes towards the defining of the organized criminality, nowadays it is very clear that this social phenomenon is a real threat and barrier for the development of all countries in which its activities are very explicit and heavily controlled. Particularly, we must take into account bad consequences of transnational organized criminal activities. The Balkans countries are very exposed to different forms of organized criminal activities. Especially, we should take into consideration the fact that war calamities and slowness of democracy building on the territories of ex-Yugoslavia contributed to the strengthening of criminal groups and their development. All previous attempts to fight against the organized crime were not efficient enough, and that`s why it is necessary to improve legal institutions and security structures not only at national, but also at international level.


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