• Jelena Matijašević LLD, A Full Professor, Vice Dean for Science, The Faculty of Law for Commerce and Judiciary in Novi Sad, The University of Business Academy in Novi Sad, Serbia
  • Snežana Lakićević LLD, Advisor to the Deputy CEO for Public Relations and Communications, NIS, Belgrade, Serbia



business operations, economic crime, etiology, the Republic of Serbia


Economic crime is a serious security risk, which is present in every country. The factors of current economic, social and broader societal conditions of global trends are considered to be the general factors contributing to the causes of economic crime. If a country’s economic system is established on solid foundations, fully respecting the market economy laws, such a system is less exposed to various forms of criminal attacks. Bearing in mind the importance as well as the complexity of the matter of economic crime, this academic paper deals with the etiology of economic crime as a phenomenon. The study includes a general criminological review of the above-mentioned topic, with a special emphasis on the review of the economic crime causes in Republic of Serbia. It is evident that the emergence and development of new types of economic crime, as well as the refinement of already existing ones, have had a significant impact on the operations of business entities and on the national economy as a whole. The causes of economic crime that are deeply rooted in a particular society have an extremely negative impact on the trust given to business entities and their stable operations. The roots and causes of economic crime are based on the contradictions of socioeconomic relations, which affect the outward forms of this kind of crime, and represent the result of a series of political, economic, geographical, legal, moral, cultural and other factors, which fundamentally negatively affects the overall economic stability.


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Matijašević, J., & Lakićević, S. (2022). THE CAUSES OF ECONOMIC CRIME AND THE REVIEW OF ITS EFFECTS IN THE BUSINESS FIELD . Pravo - Teorija I Praksa, 39(4), 18–29.



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