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Dear colleagues, readers, and authors,

The journal "Law - Theory and Practice" is a scientific journal with a long tradition, and its creation and development have been shaped by the work of many prominent domestic and foreign experts in the field of law.

For decades, the journal has endeavored to promote good solutions in normative, judicial, and administrative work through a selective approach when choosing and publishing scientific articles, while respecting the opinions of distinguished experts in the field of law. At the same time, the journal has carefully nurtured its relationship with young colleagues who are just emerging in the scientific sense, encouraging them to continuously work on their professional competencies and publish scientific articles, thus making their competency index higher and stronger.

We are honored and pleased to inform you that, according to the categorization of scientific journals by domestic publishers for the year 2023, our journal "Law – Theory and Practice“ has been recognized as a national journal of international importance (Category: M24) in the scientific fields of Law and Political science.

"Law - Theory and Practice" is an open-access journal and has so far been indexed in 17 significant databases, including HeinOnline, ERIH PLUS – European Reference Index for the Humanities and the Social Sciences, CEEOL, DOAJ-Directory of Open Access Journals, CrossRef, Publons, doiSerbia, and other databases. The issues of the journal are chronologically available in the Serbian Citation Index.

The editorial board of the journal will strive to continue the established practice of continuous improvement of all quality parameters of the journal in its future work. We will make every effort to successfully overcome any potential challenges, as we have done so far, and justify the trust placed in us by the current categorization of scientific journals.

Guided by the belief that investing in scientific competence is not a luxury or an obligation but a necessary element of growth and development in the scientific sense and, above all, a pleasure, we look forward to future collaboration with all our partners and colleagues!



Editor-in-Chief of the Journal

Prof. Jelena Matijašević, Ph.D.

Full Professor and Vice Dean for Research