• Milan Počuča Faculty of Law, The University of Business Academy, Novi Sad


violence in family, victim violence, criminal act, protection


At issue is family violence which exists as a phenomenon but is not sufficiently focused on in many countries.There are still countries in vich family is not(according to the low) a crime.Family violence is behavior in vich one family member endangers the physical and mental safety and vell-being of another family member.Family violence occurs in the forms of phsysical violence,mental violence,seksual violence and economic violence.

In the Republic of Serbia family violence,as a separate criminal act, was recognized only recently. It was first regulated by provisions of the penal code,and later the family low. The penal code had previosly recognized criminal acts against marriage and the family,but family violence as a separate criminal act was introduced only in 2003, vith changes and amendments to the previous law. The family low introduced into Serbian legislation with the new code in 2005 family violence,protection from family violence.


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